Tru2Hue MDF Wood Powder Coating Performance Data

Performance Characteristics:

Shrinkage and Heat Resistance    
KCMA 9.1 -- Delta E of up to 1.5 units

Hot and Cold Check Resistance       
KCMA 9.2 -- No effect

Chemical Resistance    
KCMA 9.3 -- No effect under vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice, catsup, coffee, olive oil, 100% proof alcohol, detergent, and mustard.

Crosshatch Adhesion             
ASTM D3359 -- 5B

Humidity Test                
ASTM D2247-94 -- No change after 2,000 hours

ASTM G-53-88 -- No gloss or color change through 1,000 hours of exposure

Pencil Hardness            
ASTM D3363 -- 2H (scratch) 6H (gouge)

Hoffman Scratch               
MPTM -- Pass 500-70                                

Taber Abrasion Resistance       
NEMA LD3-3.13 -- 90 to 120 mg / 100 cycles

Solvent Resistance            
MEK, 50 double rubs -- No effect

Boiling Water                
Nema LD3 3.5 -- No effect

Heat Aging                
MPTM -- No effect

Application Parameters:

Substrate MDF Application:

Spray Coating Thickness:
2 to 8 mils (measured by Positector 100-B2 thickness gauge)

Cure Conditions:
Dwell times of 1 to 10 minutes depending on oven type and temperature settings. Typically, part temperatures do not exceed 270°F.

Clean Ability/Stain Test:

Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Household Detergent            
Nema LD3 3.4 --No effect

VM&P Naphtha               
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Grape Juice                
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Ink Felt Pen, (non perm, black)        
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Citric Acid Solution            
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Household Ammonia (non sudsing)     
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Vegetable Cooking Oil            
Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Nema LD3 3.4 -- No effect

Powder Coatings may vary depending on board quality and process conditions.

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